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RX - 32 Teslameter

The instrument is designed for operation with any research or service apparatus involving very high precision measurements and stabilization of magnetic field. It may be considered as a standard equipment of EPR and NMR spectrometers, stands for Hall effect studies, MRI systems for field mapping and shimming, beam handling and a variety of instrumentation for studying materials with field-dependent characteristic, as well as for checking of the magnets, electromagnets, etc.

The teslameter, due to precision and repeatability of field measurement, may be used as a standard for testing the other instruments. It combines refinement of measurement with simplicity of using and allows fully automatic tracking and locking of magnetic field. It operates on a principle of the swept-frequency measurement and differs considerably from the conventional automatic NMR devices utilizing an external modulation of magnetic field to be measured. Due to this new technique the RX family of instruments are the fastest and most flexible teslameters available today.

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